Power Distribution Modules

The use of Tactical Technologies PDM modules allows easy installation and effortless  fault diagnosis for multi-camera CCTV or multi-lock access control systems.


Tactical PDM modules feature heavy duty screw terminal blocks, individual circuit status LEDs and an individual replaceable glass fuse or solid-state polyswitch for each device to provide short circuit protection.


PDM5 & PDM6 models incorporate an on-board "common fault" relay which activates when any individual fuse or polyswitch fails. This output may be used to drive DVR alarm inputs, security alarm inputs / building management systems or a local sounder / strobe to inform personnel of equipment failure.


Featuring state-of-the-art Surface Mount Technology and 10 individual fused circuits - each with an LED to indicate fuse status, the PDM's are available with a variety of fuse ratings to suit your application - please specify 250mA, 500mA or 1A fuses at time of order (1A supplied unless otherwise specified).


Note that most Tactical Technologies Power Supplies may be ordered ”ready to install“ with PDM module(s) wired & fitted in heavy-duty metal cabinets of various sizes.

PDM Module Mounting Template

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