24Vdc Rackmount Power

With High Output Battery Chargers

Designed originally for high reliability custodial locking (prisons & detention centres), Tactical RPS24-DC Series rackmount supplies are also suitable for general security / access control & high density 24Vdc intercom applications.


Unique to this range is the all new "Active Electronic Over-current Protection" (AEOP) feature for each individual output. Unlike conventional glass fuses or polyswitch / PTC protection, the use of active electronic current sensing on each output ensures precision detection of over-current / short circuit without compromising the primary supply or adjacent outputs.


Follow this link to read more about AEOP


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24Vdc 6A (with charger)

  24Vdc 6A Rackmount Supply - 5 x 1.2A Outputs


24Vdc 12A (with charger)

  24Vdc 12A Rackmount Supply - 4 x 3A Outputs


  24Vdc 12A Rackmount Supply - 10 x 1.2A Outputs


24Vdc 18A (with charger)

24Vdc 18A Rackmount Supply - 6 x 3A Outputs


24Vdc 18A Rackmount Supply - 9 x 2A Outputs


24Vdc 18A Rackmount Supply - 15 x 1.2A Outputs