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The Australian electronic security market is flooded with poor quality, low cost power supplies.

Temptation to use these devices is high - but can you afford to risk the consequences ?

Installing, importing or selling non-complying electrical goods carries extremely harsh penalties. Fines of up to $220,000 for an individual or $1.1M for a corporation and equivalent civil penalties also apply.

Excerpt from the ACCC / Product Safety Australia Website:

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Please take the time to read through a few of the key points below, then ask yourself :

Why take the chance ?

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Do the security power products that you install or resell comply with Australian Electrical Safety & EMC Standards ? (All Tactical products meet or exceed Australian Standards)


In recent years there has been a marked increase in the number of security power products sold which do not comply with Australian Standards - either electrical safety or EMC.


Let’s face it, most security power supplies look like simple metal boxes and often the “cheapies” outwardly appear to be similar or the same as genuine compliant products. It’s only upon closer inspection or pointed questioning of your supplier as to the legal compliance status of the item in question that the real picture emerges. Very often these inferior products not only fail to comply with even basic safety standards, but due to the poor quality of components and overall design, they represent potentially life threatening electrocution and  fire hazards.


Products which fail to comply with Australian Standards are potentially electrically unsafe and are more susceptible to causing harm to people and property. If you are an installer, contractor or distributor who buys or installs electrical products that don’t meet Australian Standards, you could face fines plus civil and/or criminal action.


What are the legal implications ? Under Australian law, whoever initially imports a product is legally recognised as the distributor of the product. They are also directly liable should the product fail or cause harm.


If proven that an installer knowingly installs product that doesn’t meet the Australian Standards they can be deemed liable for any damage or death caused by the installation of faulty goods.


If the installer’s conduct does not meet reasonable standards and there is a high risk of causing death (as could be the case for example where a power supply is supplied either without a mains lead or with the mains lead not installed and the installer connects it) severe penalties could occur - as well as potential criminal charges (including manslaughter).


Simply selling, installing or importing non-complying electrical goods could render you liable to substantial penalties - any resultant loss or damage will not be covered by insurance. This could result in further civil action and potentially run into millions of dollars, depending upon the severity of the loss or damage.


So ask yourself, when weighing the initial cost saving against the potential for (at best) poor performance or (at worst) potential penalties and legal action:

Why take the chance ?

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Do Tactical

Products Comply ?


Tactical Technologies is a wholly owned Australian company with manufacturing facilities in NSW.


All products manufactured and sold by Tactical have been rigorously tested by a NATA Accredited Laboratory to comply with the relevant Australian Safety & EMC Standards - in all cases equalling or significantly surpassing the requirements of the Standards.


Tactical products are designed by a qualified inhouse engineering team for use in the Australian, New Zealand and Middle Eastern marketplaces.


Tactical maintains high production standards and quality control measures to maximise product quality & safety and has won a hard earned reputation for quality & product performance.



" Designed, Manufactured and Supported in Australia by a well established Australian Company "

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Compliance Myths


The ACCC website lists a number of commonly held (untrue) beliefs that have circulated thoughout the industry.


The following are a few examples:


"Selling non-compliant products"

Link to ACCC / Product Safety Website

Myth: Products that do not meet the mandatory standard can still be sold if the supplier indicates this when selling the product.

Fact: This is not the case. It is illegal for any supplier to provide a product in trade or commerce which is non-compliant with the requirements of a mandatory consumer product safety standard.

"Proof from your regular suppliers not needed"

Link to ACCC / Product Safety Website


Myth: 'I have used my supplier for years and they tell me their product meets the mandatory standard, therefore I don’t need to ask them for proof that the product complies.'

Fact: Suppliers at all levels of the supply chain are responsible for ensuring their products meet mandatory standards. While you can visually check some safety requirements such as warning labels, performance and strength requirements need qualified and accredited testers with the right equipment. If you are not the manufacturer, you need to be sure that the products you sell meet their mandatory standards.



"Safety checks for online products"

Link to ACCC / Product Safety Website

Myth: The Australian Government checks all products before they are sold online in Australia.

Fact: Australian and overseas businesses selling products online are responsible for ensuring they meet Australian product safety requirements. About 50 consumer products are covered by specific safety regulations. These include bicycles, children’s toys and nursery furniture. Product safety regulators monitor these products across the Australian market, including the online sector, to ensure they meet mandatory requirements. Regulators have taken action against businesses that sell unsafe products online.

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