12Vdc Rackmount Power

Engineered for CCTV

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Models in this range include 12Vdc 10A & 20A


Ultra-Quiet Switchmode Design


Designed specifically for high density CCTV & Access Control installations, Tactical DC Racks are available in a selection of models.


All models feature circuit status LED's, powder-coated chassis, anodised aluminium front plates and heavy duty connectors.


Theseultra quiet switchmode regulated 10A and 20A models can be specified with 10, 20 or 40 individual short-circuit protected outputs (model dependant), so there's sure to be a configuration to suit your needs.

To select a model, please follow the links below:


  Model Link

  12Vdc 10 Amp Models

  12V 10A Supply - 10 x 1A Outputs


  12V 10A Supply - 20 x 500mA Outputs


  12V 10A Supply - 40 x 250mA Outputs


  12Vdc 20 Amp Models

  12V 20A Supply - 20 x 1A Outputs


  12V 20A Supply - 40 x 500mA Outputs